the fascinating variety of the harp...


Enchanting music for your private or corporate event! Unlike any other instrument, the harp offers a unique listening pleasure for your guests. Désirée Dell'Amore performs dinner concerts, background music or accompanies ceremonies such as weddings or funeral services. The variety of her music is impressive and suits every special occasion. Désirée Dell'Amore also performs in extended line-ups such as duos with harp and saxophone. 


Désirée Dell'Amore

feat. Daniel Küffer & Andi Pupato


Three outstanding musicians offer a musical journey between dream and reality. Désirée Dell’Amore (harp, vocals), Daniel Küffer (saxophone) und Andi Pupato (percussion) combine elegance, energy and vitality to a wonderful musical experience far from any stylistic boundary.  DELL’AMORE is the starting point for your personal discovery of the soul of music! 


ZusammenSpiel - the art of comprehension


This unique project is a multi-media toolbox for live communication. The ZusammenSpiel creates on demand performances both for employees or customers of your company by building creative bridges from ratio to emotion. Live painting and live music in a combination as never seen before!